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Short Term Counseling

What is Short Term Therapy?

  • Short term, goal-directed counseling (typically 6-12 sessions)

  • Focuses on strengths rather than weaknesses or deficits

  • Develops resources and coping skills that help in reaching future goals

  • Concentrates on the here and now (What will help your issue?) rather than the past (Why am I the way I am?)

  • Useful for: life change anxiety issues, situational depression, self-esteem, communication skills, interpersonal/work related stress

  • Is not indicated for symptoms related to long term and severe depression or anxiety, clients with eating disorders, or clients with any history or current symptoms of self-harm

What Can I Expect With Short Term Therapy?

  • You will complete preliminary screening assessments prior to your first session

  • Your first session will be with a clinician who will help assess if short term therapy is right for you

If short term therapy is determined not to be appropriate, we will connect you to another clinician 

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