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Couples Counseling

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Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Depression effects approximately 15% of all women who give birth each year. With an average birth rate of a little more than 400,000 births/year in the US, that equates to over 900,000 women who experience Postpartum Depression. PPD often begins very quickly and feels as if it comes out of nowhere. At a time when many women have hoped for months to reach motherhood, there is often an experience of grief as their thoughts and emotions are not as they were. PPD may occur in women following their first birth or may occur after a secondary birth when there were no previous concerns of depression. PPD can also impact a parent's ability to connect with their new baby. Counseling to address this issue can assist mothers of infants to regain a sense of being themselves and to fully experience motherhood as they had hoped.

Infant Mental Health & Play Therapy

Infant Mental Health and Play Therapy are modes of counseling that work with children between the ages of birth through 6 years of age. Many young children experience separation, grief, loss, or difficulty with adjustments. There are often major life changes in early childhood such as divorce, a family move, placement in state custody, adoption, witnessing a traumatic event, etc. Counseling for these children helps them understand the things that they have experienced and to find safety and trust with their adult caregivers.


TF-CBT and EMDR are evidence based practices that help individuals find recovery from abuse/trauma. ABHS has both EMDR and TF-CBT certified staff that can use these modalities with a variety of different trauma experiences.

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and Depression impact individuals of a variety of ages and phases of life. Learning to manage or eliminate anxiety and depression often require counseling to provide an individual with an outside perspective on the situations, the individual's experience and reactions, and alternative ways of managing stress and emotions. Counseling has been found through research to be as effective as medication alone in treatment Anxiety and Depression. For our clients who are in need of medication management to assist with their  symptoms, we work closely with a variety of medication providers to ensure a cohesive treatment team approach.

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