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IECMH Consultation

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (IECMHC) is rooted in equity, collaboration, and problem solving. IECMHC focuses on the vast development that occurs in infants and toddlers, specifically learning to regulate their emotions and build healthy relationships. A mental health consultant partners with children’s caregivers to support them in gaining better understanding of children's behaviors and tools to support social-emotional development. The consultant utilizes the expertise that early childhood educators have on the children, families, and communities they serve. Mental health consultants listen to the needs of educators and helps identify what is supporting or hindering development within the childcare environment. Research shows that IECMHC improves social skills, emotional functioning, and healthy relationships while decreasing challenging behavior, burnout, stress, and turnover. IECMHC seeks to nurture and support the adults in children's lives in order to create healthier relationships all around. Learn more here.

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