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Consultation Warmline

Our statewide initiatives build on the strong foundation of clinical work at ABHS and extends into the community where children and families are. The team collaborates with partner agencies to strengthen the infant and early childhood workforce across the state, working primarily with home visitors, early child care educators, and child welfare workers.


This team staffs a statewide Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Warmline, a place where interdisciplinary professionals such as home visitors, early childhood educators, and child welfare professionals can submit a referral to receive extra support for a family they are working with. The Warmline Coordinator is a licensed mental health professional who supports the provider in conceptualizing the case and offers clinical recommendations. A resource coordinator supports the provider and family in the connection and implementation of needed services. 


To request consultation please click here:


The warmline is not a hotline and if there are immediate concerns- call 911, mobile crisis, or the DCS hotline.

We appreciate the continued support and collaboration with our agency partners.
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